Rumi - Way of the Heart
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Ecstatic poetry and teaching stories of RUMI on CD

“Allow TAMIR to awaken the soul of RUMI within you. Stunning!”
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

TAMIR is certainly traveling this way of the heart.
She is good company. - Coleman Barks

TAMIR’s voice is smooth and sultry,
perfect for reciting Rumi” – NY Spirit


Welcome. Here you will find an exciting collection of RUMI poetry with Persian music. My purpose is to produce spoken art CD's of the timeless mystic poets embodying the highest standards of artistic excellence for your listening enjoyment and inner attunement. Art can and does bring us closer to our innate spiritual core and I sincerely hope that Rumi's exquisite words bring you a step closer to your light self.

"The Way of the Heart," is a CD of ecstatic poetry and stories of Rumi, narrated by TAMIR with Persian music by Amir Vahab. The most profound spiritual truths are best expressed in ecstatic verse. RUMI the 13th century Persian mystic is now the best selling poet in America. He is known as the axis of Love and he speaks directly to contemporary readers from the heart to the heart. This CD contains selections of his poetry combined with colorful teaching stories. Interwoven throughout are the exquisite sounds of Amir Vahab's authentic Persian compositions as singer and musician extraordinaire on several instruments: Ney, Daf, Tar, Tanbur, Setar, Guitar and Chogur.

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Compiled by Dr. Andrew Vidich and TAMIR
Narrator: TAMIR Music: Amir Vahab

For a 4 1/2 minute video of A TAMIR's performance of "Way of the Heart" on YouTube, click here..

Listen to TAMIR being interviewed by Gabriel Cousens on Sept. 8, 2006 on the topic of EXPRESSIVE ART, UNITY, PRAYER, AND PEACE. Click here.

Review in New York Spirit Magazine, August-September 2005

The Way of the Heart: Ecstatic Poetry and Stories of Rumi, compiled by Dr. Andrew Vidich and TAMIR, narrated by TAMIR, music by Amir Vahab
(Amrit Productions)

The thirteenth-century Persian poet Jalal-ul-Din Rumi is world famous for his mystical and ecstatic verse, especially in the East, where his name is usually preceded by the title of “Maulana” (Master). Actress, poet, and playwright TAMIR hopes to bring his genius to the modern west with her new CD, The Way of the Heart. Accompanied by the Iranian musician Amir Vahab, TAMIR recites the poetry and stories of Rumi, as well as providing commentary and teachings. TAMIR’s voice is smooth and sultry, perfect for interpreting Rumi’s poetry of divine love, and Vahab’s musical accompaniment, featuring sounds from authentic Middle Eastern instruments like the ney, the tanbur, and the daf, makes you feel as if you are walking through the Persian desert almost a millennium ago. TAMIR selected the verse and stories for this CD with the help of Dr. Andrew Vidich, who is a founding member of the Interfaith Council of New York, which lets you know that the aim of this project is one of synthesis, not division. In a world where the culture and traditions of the Middle East are met with derision in the West, projects like The Way of the Heart are vital in that they remind us that rich life lessons and artistic excellence transcend both time and politics. (NT)

Review in New Life Magazine, July-August 2005

CD CoverThe 13th century Persian mystic poet Rumi is now the best selling poet in America.

He has been called the “axis of Love,” and has the remarkable ability to speak directly to our hearts across the centuries.

TAMIR’s recently released CD “The Way of the Heart” inspires listeners with her passionate interpretations of Rumi’s poetry and colorful Sufi teaching stories. The CD is a unique collaboration with Master Iranian musician Amir Vabab’s scintillating voice and the sounds of the Ney, Daf, Tanbur, Setar and Chogur to create a masterful tapestry of luscious sound and delicious beauty.

Rumi lovers now have a CD, which, not only brings out the most profound truths of his teachings but also presents it with unrivaled beauty and the very highest professional quality. In short a multi media feast for the heart and soul.

For those of you who have yet to listen to Rumi, this will be a delightful introduction and may even turn you into Rumi lovers overnight. The CD begins with the now famous introduction of the Masnavi “Listen to the Sound of the flute” which immediately casts a hypnotic spell over the listener with is rich blend of narrative and poetry together with passionate rendition. Slowly but masterfully TAMIR takes the listener on a journey into the soul of love between Rumi and his Spiritual Master Shams i Tabriz.

While there is no dearth of Rumi poetry recitation on the market including Andrew Harvey, Coleman Barks and even Deepak Chopra, nothing quite like this CD really exists. TAMIR’s choice of Coleman Barks and Shahram Shiva translations with original Persian compositions by Amir Vahab take you to the heart of Rumi’s world. TAMIR and Amir work together with effortless harmony always in service to the inner message of Rumi’s verse. The judicious use of the original verse sung and recited in Persian add yet another layer of sweetness to this exquisite banquet for the sense and the heart.

Don’t miss this one. It is a must for all in need of spiritual upliftment. It can be purchased at

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The Way of the Heart," is an honest and heartfelt expression by TAMIR. Her years of dedicated and artistic vision are fully realized in this beautifully narrated work. Her voice embodies her integrity and her soul.

Arthur Joseph, vocal coach to the stars

“Only a person who has walked in the garden can truly identify the natural fragrance when it is captured in the jar of perfume.

TAMIR’s work will be most appreciated by those who have walked in the garden. By helping to bring the timelsess message of human unity and divine oneness expressed through Rumi into a contemporary focus, she is hleping to make us all more fragrant.”

- Jonathan Granoff, author, attorney and President Global Security Institute

"Rumi--Way of the Heart is an invigorating, one-woman show that captures the passion and restless wisdom of Jelaluddin Rumi. With music, poetry and excerpts from Rumi's talks, TAMIR brings Rumi alive in the 21st century."

--Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of The Sufi Book of Life: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish


Listen to the sound of the reed
Listen to its plaintive notes,
For, ever since it was cut off from the reed-bed
It has been telling the tale of separation.
I want a heart torn by separation
That I may unfold to such a one
The pain of love...
For everyone who is separated far
From his source
Wishes back the time when he were one with it.

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